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why art and wine walk along

A person's relationship with wine very similar relationship with art. Perception is the main measure of the value of both. We admire the painting that the artist painted and we have some emotions that affect the mood. Wine, like a work of art, is perceived individually. Each person has unique feelings that cannot be applied to another person who feels otherwise. Color, smell, the taste of the same wine each perceives in their own way, just as everyone sees something in the picture, corresponding to their life experiences and character. Wine, like art, is multifunctional, it's both an interlocutor and an information carrier and an attribute of status, and most importantly - a source of pleasure. Wine as art can talk, we drink wine when we feel sad when we having dinner with friends when we watching a favorite movie... it's always there with us. Same as art, when you feel down, your canvas will show that, no matter how much you trying

to hide from the world.

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